Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All – Edible Perennial Flowering Vines

Many of the finest restaurants around the world garnish their plates with edible flowers and the funny thing about that is that many of these edible flowers also produce fruit which can be eaten as well. That is, if you haven’t eaten all the buds off the plant first, you will get fruit to eat. Even so, you can impress your friends by garnishing their plates with edible flowers. If you can eat flowers, why not ‘weed’. CBD edibles are becoming more and more popular within the culinary industry. 

You all know that we’re massive fans of edibles here. Usually we’re talking about edibles containing THC and CBD, and debating the best edibles on the market. This post is for all those who don’t want to consume THC/CBD, and instead want a feeling-free experience with edible perennials. Olio Lusso CBD Edibles are a good place for you to start your CBD journey. 

Try leaving some flowers on the vines so that you will get fruit when they mature. Many of these fruits and edible flowers cost a small fortune in the stores and are nowhere near as healthy. After all, you are growing them organically (right?) and nurturing them with love. Here is a sampling of various edible perennial flowering vines you might like to add to your garden.

Four Basic Types of Climbing Plants & Vines

When deciding on exactly what kinds of edible plants you want to grow, if you are looking at growing climbing plants or vines, check out the information on mygardeningnetwork.com. You can learn about the four different kinds of climbing plants and vines which are:

  1. Clinging
  2. Hooks
  3. Twining
  4. Tendrils

Each type of vine or climber will have some genus which are edible and others which are not. Read through the information on that site first before investigating which cultivars you would like in your garden. Space may be an issue because some climbing plants and vines grow just as far out as they do in height.

Examples of Edible Perennial Flowering Plants

Have you ever seen the price of fresh kiwis in the produce department of your local grocery stores? Kiwis can be quite expensive, but did you know they don’t grow on trees? Kiwis are best grown in warmer climates like Southern California and New Zealand because they require a longer frost-free growing period so that the fruit have time to mature. If you live in the south, this is an amazing fruit which also has a number of cultivars which can thrive in cooler climates. Some can even withstand temperatures that fall below zero!

Of course, everyone knows that grapes grow on vines, but did you know that passion fruits also grow on climbing vines? Then there is chayote which is in a class all its own. This climbing vine produces a heavy fruit which is known for its ability to pick up flavors in stews and soups. When cooked, those chunks look much like potatoes, but as you will see, the flavor is totally unique. Here again, chayote love a warm climate so if you live in states like California, Texas, Florida and Louisiana, this is the climber for you.

A Few Closing Words on Edible Flowers

If you are looking for edible flowers, you may do best with nasturtium. These make beautiful groundcover but will also climb if you train them and both the leaves and the flowers are edible. Some cultivars of jasmine produce edible flowers but be careful as there are others which can be downright poisonous. These are referred to as “false jasmine,” so check your cultivar carefully before brewing a cup of jasmine tea!

This is just a sampling of all you can learn about edible perennial plants but perhaps just enough to interest you in adding these to your garden this year. Remember, you are living in the digital age so it’s easy to research what you can and should be growing. Have fun impressing your friends and family with those lovely edible flowers. What a treat that will be.

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