Ever Wondered How Different Cappuccinos Are Made?

As far as cappuccino goes there’s pretty much the standard cup we’ve all come to expect when ordering this hot beverage favorite at restaurant or a coffee shop, but did you know that an authentic cappuccino is actually supposed to be made up of equal parts of hot milk and espresso, topped with nutmeg and cinnamon with whipped cream?

Cappuccino is just like meat though, or even coffee proper. It’s something which is to be taken full ownership of and personalized to one’s exact taste preference so you should never let anybody tell you that you’re not enjoying an authentic cup of cappuccino. I mean for all they know you may not even like the ingredients which go into the making of the original cappuccino, or in fact you may even be allergic to one or more of them.

Cinnamon for one is something which is either a real hit or a serious miss with the typical consumer, so it’s okay really to have your cappuccino customized to your exact liking.

So how are some of the different variations of cappuccinos made?


It’s really just a play on the word espresso with the expresso, but usually what it suggests if it is written like this on a menu is that there’s a tot of alcohol added to the traditional cappuccino cup served at that particular outlet, typically a restaurant. That’s why there’s usually the option of a double expresso as well, which basically means that a double tot of alcohol has been added, usually brandy or whisky.

The coffee bit making up the classic expresso is usually especially strong, making the whole beverage an overall heavy-hitter and that’s why expresso drinkers often have a bottle of water after one or two of these. Also, you wouldn’t ordinarily enjoy an expresso with a heavy meal, but it does tend to go down very well with a chocolate cake or even carrot cake.

Traditionally, espresso coffee was only available in coffee shops. While espresso machines have grown in popularity over the last decade, they are still owned by a small percentage of families. So, people who require their daily dose of caffeine and have more than one cup a day might consider investing in a small coffee machine for home. They could choose to go through Ninja Coffee Bar Comparison or reviews for other brands before choosing a quality machine. However, not all people want to spend money on getting a coffee machine and may still prefer to make coffee at home using conventional instant coffee powder. Personal preferences can vary when it comes to enjoying a coffee type based on how it is made.

If someone wants to open a coffee shop, or if they want to expand their existing business, they can buy refurbished machines. In any case, when purchasing a used espresso machine or a coffee maker, it is important to consider several factors. Many people do not own one because they are expensive. Some people who use these items for business prefer to rent them, but they don’t realize that the money spent on renting them can also be used to buy a used one if they can’t afford new ones.

Cappuccino Foam

Don’t give me away to anyone I work with directly in the restaurant business with this, but I often find humor in the fact that two or three dollars can be added to the price of a cup of normal, black coffee by just adding a layer of foam on top and sprinkling the beverage with cinnamon, chocolate shavings or both! The foam is just hot milk that is passed through a foam machine, which blows air into the hot milk to froth it up. Gases Supplier denver and similar suppliers in other areas often supply compressed gases for this job, similar to how compressed gas is used to carbonate fizzy drinks.

Cappuccino Cream

The cream which goes into a cappuccino cream beverage is often also just regular milk which has been thickened artificially, which is why if you were to leave the cup standing for a while the cream would appear to melt right into the cup and turn into “regular” milk. A cappuccino cream cup is a lot richer than a cappuccino foam cup and personally I much prefer cream over foam, sprinkled with nothing more than cinnamon.

Cappuccino Lime

Not a very popular cappuccino variation, cappuccino lime is for the refined palate since the sourness of the added lemon or lime would not ordinarily be paired with a milk based espresso.