What are the Top Types of Pizza?

Pizza is an Italian dish made of flat dough baked with cheese and tomatoes. This dish is also added with fish, meat, or vegetables to enrich its flavor. It is possible to have a pizza delivery with the touch of a button.

Most people take pizza for granted, yet it is the go-to when you want a leisurely meal at work or home. Pizza is one of the easiest things to order and is available in different flavors. Pizza is loved by millions worldwide, and this is because of its rich taste.

Let us dive right into the best types of pizza.

  1. Double Cheese Pizza

Double cheese pizza is popular veg that has a double cheese layer. This pizza flavor is popular because there are many cheese lovers globally.

It is among the best pizzas for vegetarians and is loaded with extra cheese, making it lip-smacking.

  1. Gourmet

Gourmet is a pizza flavor where the vegetable delight is covered with golden corns stacked with extra cheese. This pizza has a unique flavor due to the extra toppings like black olive and jalapenos.

The gourmet pizza is a great vegetarian recipe that will activate your taste due to its rich taste. It is among one of the best pizza flavors.

  1. Mexican Green Wave

The Mexican green wave is an excellent recipe for making American pizza, and it is tied to Mexican roots. This pizza has crunchy onions, juicy tomato, and jalapeno.

It has a spicy flavor that is sprinkled with exotic Mexican herbs. The Mexican green wave is a famous pizza among vegetarians and people that love spicy pizzas.

  1. Margherita Pizza

The Margherita pizza is a very famous menu, especially in Asian communities. This flavor is delicious and is prepared using a single cheese topping. Margherita pizzas are medium spicy and are tasty to the mouth.

These pizzas are mainly eaten by customers who enjoy a standard pizza topping. However, Margherita pizzas do not have an extra topping, meaning they are made using plain cheese.

  1. Meatzaa Pizza

The meatzaa is a non-vegetarian meal ideal for hardcore non-vegetarians. This pizza flavor consists of a blend of spicy and hot chicken, minced meat, and ham. This meat makes this pizza ideal for non-vegetarians.

This flavor is filled with cheese and has sprinkled onions as toppings.

  1. Cheese and Barbecue Flavor

These are among the most famous types of pizza. This flavor is popular in India because beef and harm are not mainly eaten. This pizza is filled with cheese first and topped with barbeque chicken and cheese.

Barbeque chickens are chopped into delicate parts and sprinkled with green chili. This pizza flavor is ideal for non-vegetarians.

Final Thoughts

Pizza is among the most loved food items globally, and it originates from Italy. This dish is made using flour and several toppings. Cheese is the main ingredient in this meal, and it makes this meal tongue-smacking. It is also available in different forms.