The Basics of Professional Food Presentation

I have a little bit of experience in professional food styling. One of my job descriptions at Make Life Taste Better was as a personal chef. I cooked my lunches and dinners, and it was a responsibility to be creative. I had to bring something to a client’s home to get a professional evaluation on their food presentation. I had to write a separate cookbook and then do a little presentation of the recipes. I did make food photography and videos.

Professional cooks who make those beautiful-looking dishes that you see on magazine covers and Instagram posts aren’t just something put together in the spur of the moment. Behind them are chefs with culinary arts degrees, years of research, and meticulous experimentation. Food styling is more science than art. So how exactly is it done?

Here are some of the basic steps in professional food styling:

Food Management: Creating a Food Management Plan

Eating is ultimately all about proper nutrition. Therefore, it is a good practice to create a food management plan before you start any process of preparing food. If you’re going to have the food delivered via a catering system with online ordering, you’re not going to present the food as you would in a five-star dining establishment, would you? Okay, but what is a food management plan? This is simply a plan of what food you are going to make in the next two hours for a certain amount of people. The most important thing is to prepare a healthy and balanced meal. There is no need to use the heaviest ingredients or the most complicated processes. Sometimes, just simple foods are better. For instance, when preparing salads, try fresh ingredients and a simple dressing with vinegar or lemon juice.

Deciding on an Organized Program for the Food Photography

You have to decide if you are going to make all of your food items at home. You can plan all of the meals, and make all of the food items at home. I would always choose the home food preparation. You can buy all of the ingredients that you want to use in a recipe. The best thing that you can do is to create a menu for the week. Then, you can decide what ingredients that you want to buy each day. Plus, at home you can control the photography on a higher level. If you do not have the appropriate background for taking professional photographs, you can buy a few photo boards uk backdrops that can give each dish its own individuality during the photoshoot.

Choosing a Thermometer

You will be able to use the right temperature for all of your food items. You can read a recipe that you have and get an idea of the right temperature. Then, you can purchase the appropriate thermometer and place it next to your food items. This will be the most important tool in your recipe and will help you to create beautiful photos.

Dressing Your Meals

As an amateur food stylist, I learned a lot of techniques by trial and error. You need to prepare a plan that allows you to make delicious, healthy meals. To make this kind of food, you need to add a little bit of vitamins, like vitamins A and B, to make your food more appetizing.

Here is what you can do to prepare delicious food that will capture a client’s attention. For instance, if you are making breakfast foods, you can mix ingredients, like eggs and oil. Then you can fry the egg and put it in a frying pan. The egg should be done to a brown color. Then you can put the eggs in a bowl and mix them in a saucepan with some soft cheese or a sprinkle of salt. This is the simplest way to prepare breakfast foods. To make your dishes look good, it is important to have a well-organized layout. Have dishes that are in a different position. So that the viewer will take a closer look at the ingredients and the presentation. Also, put a piece of meat on top of the saucepan. This can be done with eggs and meat, but you can also make it with bacon.

Dressing Your Food

A good dressing will go with the food that you are putting on your plates. You can choose to add spices to your dish and make it more appetizing. To make a dressing, you need to buy some herbs, like basil, thyme, rosemary, and parsley. Put these herbs in a bowl. Then you can use a tablespoon of olive oil. You can add some salt to your dish, and then you can blend it for a minute to blend the ingredients. You can also add some herbs that you like and that will go with the taste of your food. For example, I love adding lemon zest to my vegetables and pasta. This makes it more tasty.


In conclusion, there are many things that you can do to improve your food photography. By preparing a plan for cooking, you can put the proper nutrients in your food. This will help you to create more healthy and attractive food photos. If you have a proper process of food photography, then you can capture beautiful images of the food that you prepare for your clients.