Must-Have Pool Party Treats

It’s summertime, and whether you’re lucky enough to have your own pool, or you’re just trying to contribute to your friend’s party by letting you cool off in their luxurious heat-beating haven, you’re probably wondering what you can serve that will get the good times rolling, fit the summertime vibe, and in general, make everyone glad you were part of it.

Well, we’ve got 4 suggestions for you, and don’t worry; none of them are super expensive.

Let’s get started and prepare you for your upcoming pool party.

1: Grilled Franks

You can’t have a pool party without food. However, you have to be careful with the type of food you serve. If you serve something messy like barbeque pork steaks, you’re going to have a lot of folks who couldn’t be bothered to wipe their hands and face dragging their mess into the pool with them; nobody wants to swim in the leftovers stuck in your beard, either.

Franks is perfect for this. They’re cheap, cook up fast, and nobody is going to be complaining if they’ve worked up an appetite. Just make sure to keep plenty of buns and toppings around so everyone can have it their way and enjoy a quick bite in between games of Marco Polo.

2: Shots!

Shots are a must-have treat for a pool party, as they offer a quick and easy way to add some fun and flavor to your event. They’re easy to make in large batches, making it convenient for the host to serve and for guests to enjoy. Shots are also great for pool parties because they’re typically small, which means you can indulge in a few different flavors without getting too full or bloated. Whether you’re sipping on a classic tequila shot, a fruity Jell-O shot, or a creative concoction like this polar bear shot recipe, shots are the perfect complement to a hot summer day spent lounging by the pool.

3: Volleyball

Tossing a bunch of people in a pool and expecting them to just float around isn’t ideal for a pool party. You have to have something that gets the blood pumping. A few things can be done to do that, such as throwing a volleyball in the pool and getting a game started. Don’t worry if you’re not athletic. Half of the time, the fun comes from looking like a total dunce or the misplaced pass hitting one of your friends on the head.
All you need to make sure of is that your pool has enough space to accommodate enough people to participate in the game. If you are someone who often hosts backyard pool parties, consider renovating the pool to expand its size. An ideal way to do this would be to hire an inground swimming pool builder in your vicinity. These builders can undertake any type of pool building and renovation project and complete them within a given time frame. That way, you can have more people playing volleyball in the pool taking the level of fun to greater heights.

4: Ready-Mixed Cocktails

You can’t have a summertime party without drinks, but no one is going to want to sit around pretending they’re an amateur bartender while everyone else is enjoying the pool. So, bring some ready-mixed cocktails to ensure that all the adults can have a drink or two, but no one is wasting their good time serving everyone else. Chuck those bad boys in a cooler and let everyone serve themselves.

Just remember to drink responsibly. Mixing too much alcohol with water can be very dangerous.

5: Citronella Tiki Torches

Your pool party will likely run long into the evening. Once people get in, they don’t typically want to get out. However, there’s a big problem with that; mosquitoes start swarming in the evening, and your happy-go-lucky pool party can become a total wreck.

Luckily, you can place some citronella tiki torches around the pool, which aren’t overly expensive, and everyone will be able to have a great time long after the sun sets and the kids are all going off to bed.

Enjoy the Summer Fun

It’s summertime, and it’s time to unwind and have some fun. A pool party is a perfect way to do that, and if you add these four things to the mix, you can ensure that it’s a blast without going bankrupt.