How To Be The Life Of The Party By Making Drinks Yourself

If you are having a party, you may be considering hiring a bartender to make drinks. Did you know that you can easily make tasty drinks yourself at home if you have the right flavored syrups? Even the most inexperienced individual can make a variety of drinks right from the comfort of their own home with very little preparation. Here’s why you should skip the bartender and make those drinks yourself.

You Can Save Money

When you throw a party you will have all sorts of expenses. These include snacks, tableware, and decorations. You can easily save money by making drinks at home for your guests to enjoy with flavored syrups. It doesn’t tend to cost a lot so as long as you have the spirits on hand, it might just be only a few bucks to make the perfect party drink. You don’t even have to go to the store to buy this syrup. There are all sorts of websites that you can buy it from, such as Monin Canada. All of the extra money you saved from making drinks at home you can use on crazy games or awesome party favors for your guests.

Your Friends Will Be Very Impressed

Are you looking for a great way to impress your friends? If so, then you really should make a few tasty drinks for your party. Since they aren’t that hard to make, you might be able to impress your friends and make them think that an actual bartender made them. Fair warning though, as they might be so impressed that they will want to enlist your help in making party drinks for their parties. You will be the talk of your friends for years to come, thanks to your surprising drink-making skills.

There Are A Lot Of Easy Drinks To Make

Something that may be holding you back is that you simply don’t know what to make. If you have a few flavored syrups on hand then all of your problems are solved. One of the great things about using flavored syrups to make drinks is that there are so many easy drinks to make. Even if you’ve never made a drink before, you can easily do so by following a recipe. Here are a few drinks that even novices can make:

Adult’s Only Root Beer Float

Makes 1

This drink will make your guests feel like a kid again.

You’ll Need:

-6 ounces root beer

-2 ounces vodka

-2 tablespoons vanilla ice cream

-Whipped cream

-Root beer flavored syrup


To Make:

Fill a glass about halfway full with ice. Pour the root beer into the glass, followed by the vodka. Slowly stir in the ice cream. Squirt a few dollops of whipped cream on top. Drizzle the root beer flavored syrup on top of the whipped cream. Serve immediately.

The Simple Drink

Makes 1

This drink put a spin on the popular Kentucky 95 Brunch Cocktail.

You’ll Need:

-1 ounces bourbon

– ounce lemon juice

-1 ounces pineapple syrup

1/2 ounce orange juice

-2 tablespoons champagne

To Make:

Place all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker except for the champagne. As for the orange juice, it can either be freshly squeezed, or if you want some effervescence you can use Orangina (see website to know more). Once you have put all the ingredients in the shaker, put the lid on and shake vigorously for about a minute. Pour into a wine glass. Top with the champagne and serve immediately.

As you can see, making drinks for your next party is a great way to save money and impress your friends. To prepare for your drink-making endeavors, practice making both of the drinks mentioned above. Not only are they easy to make, but are very tasty as well. Once you get more comfortable, venture out and make a few more drinks that you can add to the drink menu for your party. Just remember to not overdo it. In general, it’s better to have just a few very good drinks instead of having a handful of mediocre ones. Finally, just have fun with it! Even if things don’t go exactly as planned, your friends will still have a good time and everyone will have a memorable night, all while sipping on a drink that you prepared.