How Food in Commercials is Made to Look More Visually Appealing

Sometimes the subject matter of a television commercial is easy enough to understand. If a company is trying to get a customer to buy a particular food product, they will probably talk about its taste, benefits and even how long it lasts. You know exactly what you need to do if you want to try out some new casinos, for instance. The commercial or ad might even say how much money it will cost. For a company like Avon, a strong argument could be made to have a woman holding a tray full of lipsticks walk in and take a seat next to a woman behind a desk who’s either selling a beauty product or not, depending on the viewer. If we could clearly see the product being presented, then it would be easy to see how it works or works well.

Thing is, that’s not always the case. Many times we have to depend on the words of the person making a commercial in order to figure out what a company is trying to sell. Now the funny thing about that is that there is an entire industry that tries to come up with the most appealing commercials possible to help sway us toward buying. There are special food stylists and makeup artists out there who are responsible for creating the stunning visuals we see in television commercials. In fact, food and makeup artists have had a long and fascinating history together. Let’s take a look.

Commercials for Foodstuffs and Cosmetics and Hair Products

You might have watched many television commercials during your time watching television, and one thing that you probably remember is the smell of freshly baked cookies. But did you know that it was actually food stylist Don Rouhman who set the trend of having food in commercials? In this advertisement for Betty Crocker, Rouhman’s job was to make food look as attractive as possible. It might seem crazy to some that food can look so pretty, but sometimes food can look so appealing that it can make you feel good about eating it. Food commercials soon became the model for other marketing campaigns. It is probable that they may have studied viewership stats like those provided by modern companies like Samba TV (visit their website here). As soon as they realized the potential of food commercials, other food ads started appearing, which were equally interesting to look at. Also, if you ever want to see how cosmetics and beauty products are made to look beautiful, you can check out this video.

Food and Cosmetics Used to Be Part of Cinema

Some movies used to feature elaborate scenes involving makeup, food and other products that look good enough to eat. For example, in 1961, a movie called With Everything You Have, the plot involved a rich lady who wanted to lure a rich man into marrying her. After she tries to get him to come to her house for dinner with her friends, they talk about the food she’s serving. For dinner, she’s going to serve steak, cheese and strawberries with a rose to the man. It’s just like those fancy restaurants you see on television commercials or in a movie. One of the characters even says that one of her friends bought a license for the movie to use the logo for Primo Beer on her shirt. Yes, you can actually order a drink that looks like the image you see in the movie.