How Food Affects Your Performance: 4 Ways To Boost Your Workout

Eating and exercise are part of a healthy lifestyle. What you eat directly affects your energy levels and as a result how well you perform your workout. Depending on what you eat you may have a powerful workout which leaves you feeling sustained energy, or one which leaves you feeling completely drained. Suffering an injury isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time under any circumstances. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to understand the connection between what you eat and how your workout will be affected.

Whether you exercise just to feel good, or you’re trying to reach your ideal fitness goals, here are some of the best tips to get the most out of your workout through what you eat.

Eat a Filling Meal For Long Workouts

If your exercise program is endurance training, then you should make sure that you fill your tank, so your body has enough fuel to draw from.

It’s essential that if your workout is longer than 90 minutes that your body has enough energy to keep going. While shorter exercises may be done having eaten hardly anything or even done during a fast.

Studies show that it’s better to wait a few hours before starting your exercise routine in order to avoid cramping or other digestion issues. You’ll also find that your energy will last longer during your workout if it’s a carbohydrate-based meal rather than predominantly another macronutrient.

Watch Your Portions

Overdoing it on portions could cause you to feel fatigued rather than energized. Always be careful not to go overboard on how much you eat before starting your workout. There is a fine line between being full and overstuffed.

If you do find yourself too full before a workout, be sure to wait an extra hour before hitting the gym.


You need to be adequately hydrated before and during exercise. In fact, the impact that water has on your workout is greatly underestimated. Every moment that you sweat, your body is becoming dehydrated.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s smart to carry a water bottle around with you during your workout so that you won’t forget to sip regularly.

After you work out, you should make sure that you replenish all of the fluids you lost when you worked up a sweat.

Some exercise fans like to supplement their water with energy-boosting products or electrolyte replacements such as can be found at

Observe Your Own Body

Ultimately, everyone’s bodies are different. While there are general guides to help you find your best workout, there’s no guaranteeing that you may find something else works for you personally.

Keep an eye on how you feel and what your body does after eating a certain way before a workout. By observing your performance and what your body does, you’ll be able to find the best diet suited for your unique needs.