Enjoy Your Meals, But Accept Certain Consequences

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy eating. A good meal in front of a person can make them happy and satisfied in a way that few other things can. Along with this enjoyment of food though, there are inevitable consequences that need to be accepted. You can’t just eat or drink whatever you want whenever you want and expect to fall into perfectly healthy eating habits naturally. Enjoying your meals is a good thing, but in many cases, it can be too much of a good thing.

Think of a few examples where this is the case. If you just ate everything that you wanted all the time, you would probably succumb to the obesity epidemic that is all around the world in industrialized countries. There is so much food availability, especially when it comes to fats and sugars, and many countries that eating good becomes synonymous with being obese. Then there is the matter of drinking. Maybe you enjoy beer and liquor. But what happens when you enjoy this irresponsibly and then drive afterward? Then there is the matter of the price of enjoyment. You can easily chew through a lot of your budget by going out to restaurants and buying whatever food you want.


No one can deny the obesity epidemic that is happening around the world right now. Technology has allowed food distribution to occur in such a manner that even average people have access to so many calories that it is easy to overdo it. The most important thing is to exercise portion control when you’re eating, and then you can enjoy lots of different things, but you enjoy them in small enough amounts that it makes sense, rather than going to extremes.

Drinking and Driving

If you go to your favorite restaurant and drink as much alcohol as you want with your meal, that can be a problem as well. Not only are there poor health effects that come from drinking too much, but if you try to drive home drunk afterward, there are safety and legal implications. You have to be smart about how much you drink, and what you do after your drinking. Even though you may enjoy the feeling of the buzz with your meal, that doesn’t mean it’s always appropriate under specific circumstances. You have the potential to seriously harm someone on the road which could result in them contacting a car accident lawyer in St Louis MO, or wherever they are from, to start legal proceedings. It is not with hurting someone, and yourself, over.

The Price of Enjoyment

Then there is the matter of budget. Eating at expensive restaurants is exceptionally costly. If you want to enjoy some of the best food in the world, you have to pay for it. It might be okay to do this on a special occasion once or twice during the year, but if you are on an average salary, any more than that and you can quickly dip into dangerous territory as far as your financial situation goes. Particularly if you are adding expensive alcohol into the mix, the bill at a nice restaurant can be shocking.