Cooking Secrets from Italian Chefs

If you search for the best restaurants in Nomad, you can see a long list of results. Many of those in the list will specialize in Italian dishes. Even in New York, Italy is popular for its cuisine. Those who cannot travel across the world need not worry since there are plenty of places in the Big Apple serving authentic Italian food. You can also cook their dishes at home. Pay attention to the secrets that will be shared below so that you can do it like a seasoned chef!

Do Not Make the Sauce Overpowering

Whenever I eat in Scarpetta, my favorite Italian restaurant in Manhattan, I can’t help but notice how their pasta dishes are oozing with flavor. It is not just the sauce but also the pasta itself. I learned that when Italians cook, they do not go overboard on the sauce just to be able to come up with a flavorful dish. The sauce is simple, but the flavor is noticeable. The pasta also adds up to the flavor.

Use Salt Properly

This Italian cooking hack will be useful whenever you are cooking pasta. The right time to add the salt is when the water is when it is boiling just before you throw in the pasta. This way, the saltiness will be absorbed by the pasta. Meanwhile, if you add salt in the sauce, the salt will be taken by the sauce and not the pasta, which will affect the original flavor of the sauce.

Keep the Pasta Water

If you love cooking pasta, take note of this tip. Pasta is flavorful. With this, when it is boiled, the flavor mixes with the water. Rather than throwing away the water after boiling the pasta, use this as the base when you are making a sauce from scratch. More than the flavor, this will also add thickness to the sauce.

Do Not Hesitate to Use Canned Tomatoes

When it comes to cooking food, regardless of what cuisine it is, fresh is always better. However, there is no reason to fear canned tomatoes. Even seasoned Italian chefs swear that canned potatoes will be a great way to add a distinct flavor to your dish, irrespective of what it is. You could spread some over prosciutto bruschetta and other similar appetizers, use them to make sauces for pizza, pasta or spaghetti, or even sun dry them; they could still offer you versatility like fresh tomatoes can. In fact, it might have more longevity to it, provided you store it well. The key here is to be meticulous about the brand that you will choose to be assured that the quality will be unmatched.

Cook with Wine

While the Italians are known for their fondness of wine, they use it not only for drinking but also for cooking. There are countless ways to use wine to infuse flavor in your cooking, especially when it comes to pasta sauces. There is no need to worry about getting drunk as the alcohol evaporates once the wine is used for cooking.

You do not need to be a trained chef to cook Italian food like a pro. Take note of the things that have been mentioned above and you can come up with a mouthwatering dish that is as authentic as what you can possibly find in Italy.