A Checklist for Planning an Outdoor Party

The Australian people certainly like to party, and with such great weather, we take advantage of the fact and parties become a regular occurrence in the hot summer months. Attending a social gathering is one thing, but hosting one is something else entirely, yet with online suppliers of all things party related, all it takes to organise a get together is a little planning and a budget. If you are tasked with planning a party, here is a checklist to ensure that the event will be remembered for all the right reasons by all who attend.

  • Marquee Hire – It is likely you will need a marquee, and with online companies that specialise in party hire, you can view an extensive range of marquees at very affordable prices. An online search should put you on the website of an established party hire outfit and they would be able to recommend a suitable unit or two, and with covered walkways and even a range of dance floors, you can be sure that your guests will rock and roll the night away.
  • Create a Shopping List – This lengthy list can be broken up into several categories, such as consumables, equipment, accessories and media, and by listing everything you will need in the right category, sourcing the items will be much easier. Certainly, all of the equipment (including sound system and disco lighting) would be stocked by a single supplier, and after some online browsing, you should be able to get everything you need in a single shop. Make sure you allow sufficient time for this to happen, and by booking 2 weeks prior to the event date, you can be sure you won’t be lacking in anything.
  • Inform your Guests – Whatever the number of guests, they all have to be invited, and due to the busy social calendar most people seem to have, the earlier you send out the invites, the better. Inviting someone to a party the coming weekend will often be met with a polite refusal, so try to give your guests as much notice as possible.
  • Consider Parking and Overnight Accomodation – A percentage of your guests will arrive in their cars, and not all will be leaving at the end of the night. Most drivers will call a cab if they have had a drink, so make sure you have adequate overnight parking to cater for this. Drinking responsibly is ingrained into our society now, and it wouldn’t hurt to source the number of a local taxi company and store it in your smartphone, just in case. In the event a guest wishes to spend the night nearby, you should make provisions for this. If you have a spare room (or two) then with a little clean up and preparation, you’ll have a nice room for overnight guests, but failing that, find a local hotel that is both affordable and acceptable.
  • Ice, Ice and More Ice – If you live in Australia and have yet to purchase an ice making machine, you can hire one from an online party hire company, and with the heat of the summer, you can never have enough ice at a party. The alternative to an ice maker is to have your local ice factory (every area has one) deliver a big cooler and have them fill it to the brim with ice. This also allows you to bury the beer in ice, keeping it really cold!

Two of the main ingredients of a successful party are food and drink, and with that more than covered and a bunch of carefully chosen playlists, you have the foundations for a really enjoyable evening.