Catering for a Year-End Corporate Function

I’m going to share something which explores a little bit of a different topic to the regular recipes and the likes we discuss here, simply because it is indeed getting to that time of the year when many corporations start to think about the year-end functions they’re going to hold, isn’t it? It seems to get earlier and earlier by way of the planning, but hey, nobody should ever be faulted for this kind of preparation.

Plan Early

In fact, planning early is encouraged. You can never plan too early because guess what? You might want to book a venue or you might want to book a top chef to come and prepare the food. You might even want to book a corporate catering company so that you don’t have to worry about a single aspect of the catering on the day.

These professionals, individuals and organisations catering to events management often have very tight schedules, with the bookings made with them usually penned-in well in advance. It’s not uncommon for a top chef to be in such high demand for example that they have their entire year mapped out by way of their commitments.

So plan as early as possible. Today is the perfect time if it’s for a year end corporate function you’re looking to make plans.

Do Not Enlist Your Employees to Help with the Planning

Unless one of the employees actually comes forward and takes the initiative to want to assist in the planning of the upcoming annual year-end corporate function (perhaps to score some brownie points and set you up to ask for a raise, haha), don’t leave it up to the employees to plan it. In fact, don’t even ask for their help. You’re doing this for them and you don’t want it to just feel like another task which the company has to complete to meet production and sales targets.

This is for them to unwind and relax, possibly to have a good time and let loose a bit to perhaps reveal to each other their characters beyond the stiff, regular working environment. Maybe you can give them a break, and some much needed appreciation in the form of gifts like personalized t-shirts, mugs, etc., from companies similar to the ones who specialize in corporate gifts melbourne!

However, you don’t even have to do the planning yourself, as suggested by the option of getting in the professionals in the form of a catering company, etc.

Make it Professional

Professionalism is the key here – you don’t want the function to come across as somewhat of an afterthought. Of course, you need to have plenty of holiday gifts to give all your employees as they are sure to appreciate this gesture! Plus, gifts are something that can make any event a memorable one, and it will be evident that you have put some thought into planning the whole thing. Again, bring in the professionals and if you can have the event take place away from the regular workplace environment.

Hold a Main Event

Corporations naturally usually have budgets set aside for such things as year-end functions, so there should be some kind of main event incorporated into proceedings. Maybe something like a speech from top management should be given, awards handed out perhaps, but everybody should go home with something at the end of the do. Corporate gifts come in many shapes and forms these days, many of which have the unique property of being mass produced yet at the same time they feel like they’ve been personalised to each recipient.