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Need to host a private event? Here are some of the best places

Hosting a private event is a different kind of animal to something like throwing an open party where anyone and everyone can come and go as they please. The allure of holding a private

3 Tips To Help You Drink More Water Each Day

While everyone knows that your body needs a certain amount of water to keep functioning, simply knowing that you should be drinking water doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to actually do it. And

How To Be The Life Of The Party By Making Drinks Yourself

If you are having a party, you may be considering hiring a bartender to make drinks. Did you know that you can easily make tasty drinks yourself at home if you have the right

A Checklist for Planning an Outdoor Party

We all like to party, and it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t take advantage of the fact that parties become a regular occurrence in the hot summer months. People might often look to

Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All – Edible Perennial Flowering Vines

Many of the finest restaurants around the world garnish their plates with edible flowers and the funny thing about that is that many of these edible flowers also produce fruit which can be eaten

Ever Wondered How Different Cappuccinos Are Made?

As far as cappuccino goes there’s pretty much the standard cup we’ve all come to expect when ordering this hot beverage favorite at restaurant or a coffee shop, but did you know that an