How To Attract More People To Your Restaurant


Maintaining a restaurant is not that easy. As a chef, you are constantly trying to make improvements and deliver the best taste on your customer’s plate. Offering the best for them is not where you should stop. The next step that you should take is to inform people about the things that you offer.

We can learn a lot from Ryan Hibbert Riot Hospitality Group, the management company that is responsible for the most successful restaurants in Arizona. Your restaurant can have the best food in town, but if you don’t pass this message to them how can they know? There are a few ways in which you can attract more people. Read on and find out more!

Offer Something Different

Why would someone come to your restaurant, and not to the one next to you? Offer something unique that will motivate the customers to come. It can be that awesome large steak, a nice fireplace that brings the cozy feeling, or the terrace that offers the best view. Pick a suitable thing that will make your restaurant recognizable and unique.

Make the Food Look More “Instagrammable”

The truth is that most of the people order fancy food, so they can snap a photo and post it on their Instagram feed. You should step in and make this possible for them. Unique plates and nice decoration can make a huge change, and therefore attract more people to your restaurant. On the other hand, you will get free exposure on social media, which will bring even more people in. You could also boost these photos by choosing to buy Instagram likes at first before the ball starts rolling by itself.

Increase Presence on Social Media

When social media is taking a great part of our lives, take advantage of that. Take time to do some research and find out which social media platforms are most used by your customers. Then, create profiles on each. Use a friendly tone when passing a message to your guests, rather than formal. This will help you build a bond with them. Share lots of nice visual content such as videos and photos of your place, so people will be tempted to come. Hire a pro to take delicious looking photos that will draw hungry eyes.

Make Sure That Info Is Updated

Most of the people would first search the web before coming to your restaurant. Provide all of the important information, so that people can easily find and contact you. Include crucial info, such as location, work hours, contact number, e-mail, menu, and current offers and promotions. Check the webpage and social media once in a while to make sure that all of the info is up to date.

Build A Strong Relationship with Guests

People like to come back to places where they are appreciated. If your staff is extra friendly, the people will feel welcomed. Customer relationship management is crucial, so make sure that you deal with each and every complaint that may occur. After all, you want to keep your customers happy, so they will come back.

Infographic created by Clover Network – Restaurant POS systems