8 Foods That Should Be A Staple In Your Home

You probably already have certain staple foods the members of your household require, but that doesn’t mean they’re healthy.

What you put into your body and the bodies of those you love may not seem to matter day to day, but over time, you could be harming your family by supplying them with unhealthy convenience foods.

We all know keeping an ongoing supply of drinking water is critical to health, but more focus should turn to what you eat. Try working it into the routine of your home to indulge in foods that are safer and promote a healthy life.

Here is a quick breakdown of a few staple foods you should always have in your kitchen. Consider how you might augment your next shopping list to boost the family’s dietary health.

Organic honey

Honey is great for a few things. You can make homemade dressings, and marinades, and also use it to treat sore throats. Locally grown organic honey is often the best, as the pollen gathered to make the product provides exposure to local allergens and can fight well against allergies. Besides, honey is also great as a sweetener alternative to dyed, processed sugars.

But, do you find it difficult to source organic honey? Then, it may be a good idea to start harvesting it on your own as part of your hobby. Sounds good? Then just purchase a few items like bee fondant, bee smokers, and bee frames (to name a few) and take the help of a beekeeping manual to understand the process and you will be good to go.


Beans are an inexpensive way to put some extra protein and fiber into your family’s diet. You can’t really go wrong with legumes. Beans of every shape and size provide a commanding source of protein.

White northern beans, black beans, and chickpeas are especially good for your family’s health. Only one cup of chickpeas will give you 15 grams of protein and more than 10 grams of fiber added to your meal.


Consuming just one egg will fill your body with an average of six grams of protein, but you’ll only intake 70 calories. Starting your day with a couple scrambled eggs is much better for your body than filling your family’s bellies with sugary cereals or bagels topped with cream cheese.


Bananas are healthy and super inexpensive, no matter what time of year you’re shopping. Keeping bananas available in the kitchen will deter your kids from craving processed sweets as often. Train their taste buds to enjoy natural sugars.

Dark chocolate

For a tasty treat, it’s not a bad thing to keep some dark chocolate around the house. Your kids will love it, so make sure to keep their portion sizes reasonable. Dark chocolate is chocked full of disease-fighting polyphenols, so don’t be scared to say yes to this tantalizing tease.


Mustard contains selenium and turmeric which both contain cancer-fighting properties. Turmeric is also great for its anti-inflammatory effects in the body. Containing no calories, mustard makes an excellent addition to homemade dressings, lunchtime sandwiches, and spicy salami.