6 Things In Your Diet That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Most people probably know that what you eat can affect your well-being, particularly your weight. By eating a smart diet rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, you can avoid a lot of health complications, including obesity. However, did you know it can also affect your oral health?

You need to depend on your chompers for the rest of your life, so it’s in your best interest to protect your teeth. Here are some of the worst foods and drink for your oral health that you may not even be aware of.

Acidic Foods

Foods which contain high levels of acid like citrus and vinegar will cause premature tooth decay. Your tooth enamel is essential for protecting your teeth. Each time that you eat something acidic, it’s eating away at your enamel. In turn, your teeth are becoming increasingly weak. Whilst clear aligners might straighten your teeth, you must be prepared to eat properly to ensure your teeth don’t become spoiled.

As a result, you’re much more prone to complications like periodontal disease and decay.

Sticky Foods

Sugary foods which are sticky and tough to chew is a one-way ticket to cavity town. The sugar remains on your teeth providing a breeding ground for decay and cavities.

You should limit foods like these to a minimal amount of times a month. Not only will you be less prone to cavities, but you’ll avoid sticky accidents like yanking a tooth out!

Salty Foods

Your mouth relies on saliva to naturally rinse the mouth of bacteria and leftover food particles. Without enough saliva, all of this junk stays in your mouth, leaving debris all over your teeth and gums.

When you eat foods which are high in salt, your mouth may produce less saliva. If you do eat something extremely salty, be sure to balance the meal with plenty of water!

Colored Drinks

Your teeth will pick up on the color of teeth-staining drinks like coffee and wine. The same goes for soda and even chocolate milk.

If you do consume teeth-staining beverages, make sure to brush your teeth immediately afterward.

Extremely Crunchy Foods

The older that you get, the more susceptible your teeth are. It’s important to be careful with what you chew. Try to be smart about eating foods which are hard to break down with your molars. Things like dried nuts, corn, and even granola can quickly turn into a thousand dollar bill with your dentist. Be careful!


Chewing gum coats your teeth with sugar, which hopefully you know by this point, is a bad thing. It can also pull out a crown or inlay if you’re not careful. If you do choose to chew gum, be sure to chew sugarless gum. Some dental experts believe chewing sugar-free gum may even help prevent tooth decay by producing more saliva.