3 Tips To Help You Drink More Water Each Day

While everyone knows that your body needs a certain amount of water to keep functioning, simply knowing that you should be drinking water doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to actually do it. And because of this, many people are chronically dehydrated. So if you know that you have a problem with drinking enough water during the day, what are some things that you can do to help remind yourself to get that all-important liquid into your body more often? To help with this, here are three tips that will help you drink more water each day.

Be More Mindful

Although some people don’t like the taste of water or feel that it’s too boring, many people don’t get the right amount of water into their bodies each day simply because they don’t remember to keep drinking. If this is the issue that you have, the solution for you is finding ways to be more mindful and to keep reminding yourself that you should be drinking more water. One great way to do this, according to Brianna Arps, a contributor to Refinery29.com, is to use your phone to help you. There are many apps available that make it easy for you to set goals for how much water you want to drink and then track how close you are to achieving those goals. Additionally, you can also set up reminders to alert you throughout the day that it’s time for you to drink more water.

Add Some Natural Flavors

As was mentioned above, some people don’t drink enough water because they’d rather be drinking other beverages instead. And while you might think that a drink is a drink regardless of what it actually is, your body needs pure, clean water for you to function properly and stay hydrated. So if you need to spice up your water a bit, Amanda Chatel, a contributor to Bustle.com, shares that you can try adding berries, basil, mint, or cucumber to your water to give it a little more flavor. These options are generally better than adding artificial flavoring as they don’t contain as much sugar or other chemicals.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Once you start drinking the right amount of water for your body during the day, you’ll really start to notice when you haven’t been getting the water your body needs. You’ll start to feel thirsty and really crave that water, which are signs that you’re already well on your way to dehydration. So to ensure that you this doesn’t happen to you, try to never leave home without taking a water bottle with you. Additionally, Marygrace Taylor, a contributor to Prevention.com, shares that you should sip on your water rather than guzzling it down so you can stay even further ahead of dehydration, as a more constant and consistent influx of water is better absorbed and used by your body.

If you’re wanting to drink more water during the day, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find some strategies to make this happen.